The Mega Fountain

The Mega Fountain
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The Mega Fountain has ten drips which can hydrate 10 to 40+ birds. The design of this fountain makes it the perfect choice for the flock keeper who chooses to have a larger flock. Utilizing a reservoir of only 2 US gallon makes it the perfect choice for the larger flocks. Because of its low water retention water turns at a much higher rate than typical waterers keeping it not only cleaner but fresher for your flock.

Our price includes everything you need to hook up your unit to a standard garden hose. Its high impact PVC construction makes it durable for the toughest applications. Our water line is constructed of braided stainless steel to prevent leaks and breaks sometimes caused by more aggressive birds.

The Brooder Dripper Set up option increases the total drippers to 18 but reduces the space between drippers to 2.25" and is designed for brooder houses. This dripper set up is usually too close for adult birds but works well with large ammounts of chicks (up to 200 day old chicks).

Product deminsions = 61"(L)x13"(T)x4"(W)?


(Please note that you will need a small amount of PVC cement which is not included to complete assembly)

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