CoopTight™ - The "Pet Door" for your chickens...

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Our heavy-duty "pet" door is designed specifically for your flock. The overlapping strips are easy for your flock to move to enter or exit the coop. CoopTight comes in several different sizes and all can be cut to your perfect length. Our CP012 model fits doors up to 12 inches wide, our CP015 model fits doors up to 15 inches wide and our CP018 model fits doors up to 18 inches wide. All lengths are 17 inches and can be trimmed with kitchen sissors if needed. Longer lengths and wider coverage area is available at an additional charge, please contact us for pricing.


Everything is included inside the box and installation could not be simpler...



 Aids in the prevention of cold drafts

 Allows movement of air for good ventilation

 Reduces the infiltration of rain and snow

 Holds in the natural heat 

 Lets sunlight in for a healthy environment

 Easy training (instructions included)

 Simple installation

 Interior or exterior mounting

 Adjustable length for a perfect fit

 Non corrosive aluminum

 Heavy duty replaceable weather strips


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